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Every year we are extremely privileged to work with many of the most respected and knowledgeable names in the industry. 2018 is no different and this year, our judging panel consists of multi-award winners and icons within the industry.

There will be at least five judges for each stage of the competition. To increase your chances of catching the eye of the judges, consider the following:

  • Make sure you read and follow the 2018 brief for each category.
  • Only L’Oréal Professionnel colour and styling products must be used.
  • Remember your model does not need to be professional but they must be confident, self-assured, ‘own’ their look and walk convincingly down the catwalk.
  • The clothes styling should enhance and complement the overall hair look that you have created.
  • You may use wefts, weaves and extensions but they can only cover a maximum 20% of the head.
  • No full wigs are allowed.
  • Ultimately, the colour will be the overriding factor in any decision making process.


TheJudges Top Tips

Skylar McDonald

Read the brief – seriously read the brief! Don’t try and pre-empt what the judges will like – they don’t know in advance of the competition what they are going to like – so you would be wasting your time. Be brave! Be You! Choose a model you can really work with. Make your model look beautiful – not weird. Just being part of the colour trophy is special so make sure you enjoy the experience.

Siobhan Jones

My top tips for entrants are to always think about suitability. Decide Which  tones and shades will best compliment your models skin tone and personality and work with that palette within the hair ,makeup and styling. Suitability really is key.

The condition of the hair you are working on is imperative. Great colour can only look incredible when the shine and condition is there to compliment it. Layering of colours work well to achieve this so get your model to visit you regularly and layer products such as Chromative, dia light, colourful hair and smart bond to gain full added benefits and gloss from your colours.

Paul Hession

What I am looking for in a winning look is a pure beauty and a well-executed look with simplicity being the key. My advice to anyone is don’t overdo the hair, make sure your over all look tells a story. Keep it beautiful.

Yesmin O’Brien

The model must be current, natural, and suitable for a commercial magazine front cover. The total look HAS to be seamless with the right story that flows throughout the entire competition.

Darren Fowler

“Research your look meticulously - I really want to see a character coming though when I am judging, and if you’ve nailed it from top to toe, it will make your entry stand out.  Also winning looks don’t have to be about hard lines and hair that doesn’t move.  I’m a fan of ‘real’ editorial hair - that’s hair that’s not overdone or too contrived.”

Angel Montague

Make sure you follow the brief precisely. 

Make sure your models hair is in optimum condition. 

Think of the total look, not just the hair and makeup, and don’t forget the walk…your model needs to own that runway! 

Enjoy the process. The Colour Trophy is tough competition so it’s a huge achievement to get to the regionals.

Charles Dodds

I personally want to see beautiful colour that works perfectly with a great cut with an immaculate finish on longer hair. The colour should be creative and interesting but simple and easy in technique. Finishing should be current and natural without too much use of product. The finished look should scream class, beauty and be innovative in terms of fashion and style.

Junior Green

Do pay attention to the brief and try to deliver what has been asked of you. What l always look for from a competitor, is originality it’s about the total look great colour and well executed hair

Ken Picton

Remember this is a live competition so your model selection is essential, think directional but ultimately keep it on trend and current , make sure all the elements fit together to catch the judges eye and make sure it is well executed.

Some people say get the model first ,but for me create an idea ,and then find the model ,because if you are successful in doing that you won’t have to compromise.

Sheriff Mehmet

While judging the LCT entrants, I’m always looking for the skill and technique used to create colour and the finished look. Execution of the final look is ultimately what will make the difference so consider all aspects from where you beginning to the end carefully. I love to see the entriesfor the L'Oréal Colour Trophy as they are very different and have unique visions, but one thing they have in common is they are all very passionate about hair. Good luck to all


Jason Miller

I’m looking for someone with contemporary techniques who’s thinking out of the box and showing some flare and innovation in a commercially edgy, wearable style that’s been inspired by the current fashion trends and forecasts. The model is the most important element: it’s not only about her hair, it’s about her face which should be beautiful. Don’t forget the “extras” like make-up, nails and clothes styling. Combine that with harmony in the cut and colour and a beautiful finish and you’ll have my vote!

Jack Howard

“Make sure the models’ hair is really healthy because great colour starts with healthy hair. I’m looking for great colours that work together in a modern and fresh way."

Andrew Barton

It's about the quality of the hair, the suitability of the hair look, cut colour and styling to the model. The craftsmanship of the design the artistry of the design and above all the creation of the design”  

Ashleigh Hodges

Do it! You’ve got to be in it to win it, so put yourself out there and even if you don’t get through you will learn so much and be so inspired. Research your look. Knowledge is power, make sure you know exactly what you want to portray and why you want to portray it. Pick the right model, make sure the look suits them and they feel super confident rocking it 

Charles Worthington MBE

Follow your own creative instinct and don't get sidetracked by what others around you are doing. Never compromise on your choice of model and the quality of hair to best represent your chosen look. Always strive to create a look that is both fresh and innovative that will showcase your all round hairdressing skills.

Karen Dodds

One of the main elements I look for, other than a flawless finish and a perfect and inventive colour application, is the suitability to the models skin tones and bone structure. A perfectly executed hair style and colour can look so wrong if it does not suit the model wearing it. Total look every time.

Robert Eaton

My top tip would be to think about the the total look, I will be looking for not only hair colour perfection, but excellence in hairdressing, cutting and styling complemented with a tasteful, forward thinking and a fashion inspired total look. 

Create an aspirational look for both hairdressers and customers.

Richard Phillipart

Make sure you pay as much attention to the finish of your models hair as you do with the colour, the hair must be shiny, healthy and move when the model walks. The right finish can make or break the look. 

Marcello Moccia

Keep it original. It’s all about beautiful looking hair in tip top condition and shine with perfect technical colour application.

Steve Rowbottom

  • Research, research, research
  • Think outside the box
  • Do not replicate previous winners
  • Try to forecast trends
  • Remember this is a colour competition, beautiful colour is the main focus, but remember that its all about the complete look.
  • Don’t leave anything to chance, attention to detail is imperative
  • Your model is vital to your success
  • To be successful in this arena, it will be all encompassing, live and breath it.
  • Enjoy what you love!

Katie Mulcahy

My top piece of advise would be not to over complicate the look and technique, it’s quite easy to over think things and get carried away when trying to stand out, in my opinion the simplest and clearest approach can often be the most effective.

Sophia Hilton

Stop worrying about what colour you are going to choose,  what colour won last year or the latest Pantone. It’s never about what you do, but how you do it. The colour is almost irrelevant. Focus on doing something well.


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