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We are extremely privileged to work with many of the most distinguished, knowledgeable and respected names in the industry. This year, our judges are all icons within the industry and between them are multi-award winners in their own right. There will be at least 4 named judges at each stage of the competition.

How can you catch the eye of the judges at the Backstage Live Tour, The Grand Final and L’Oréal Colour Trophy Afro Award Semi-Final and Live Final?


  • On the model should be technically well-executed and be a modern and beautiful interpretation of upcoming trends showcasing the expertise and ability of the colourist to create a unique look.
  • Will be the overriding factor in any decision making process


  • Can be any length, texture or colour but has to be inspirational and show skill in the colour, style/cut and finish.
  • Must be in optimal condition – if the hair is in bad condition the model will not be considered as a Grand Finalist
  • Must suit the model’s face and bone structure


  • If featured, must show exceptional technical skill


  • On the hair must be accomplished with an appropriate amount of product, and the correct choice of product


  • Should enhance and complement the overall look that the colourist and hair stylist have created


  • Does not have to be professional but they have to be confident, self-assured, ‘own’ their look and walk convincingly down the catwalk
  • For the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Afro Award: Sponsored by Mizani must be of African/Caribbean decent


  • Wefts, weaves and extensions covering a maximum 20% of the head using L’Oreal Professionnel Colour can be used.
  • No full wigs are allowed. 


TheJudges Top Tips

 “Carefully read the brief and create what you believe would be an inspiring look.  Find something you really believe in and trust yourself.” – Skyler McDonald, Sean Hanna

“Don’t be fearful of creating solid, bold colour. If it’s done with beauty in mind, any technique can be part of a winning combination.”  – Nathan Walker, Trevor Sorbie

“It is important to have meetings with your photographer to make sure you both have the same idea. Having a connection with the photographer is essential.”  – Trevor Sorbie MBE

“Think of your total look and how everything compliments each other, and make sure your finish is on point” – Ashleigh Hodges, The Hair Geek

“It’s the details that count, and by offering a 360-degree view of your entry, judges can fully engage with your thought process and gain a thorough understanding of you and your business.” – Steve Rowbottom, Westrow

“A great model with great hair condition and a total look that reflects the high standards of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy, which I can visualise on the winners stage at the Grand Final” – David Lambert, Haringtons

“One of the biggest factors that I take into account when judging, is how well the model is suited to the hair colour. Specifically, skin tones and eye colour which can completely transform the final look.” – Eroll Douglas MBE

 “Read the brief several times over to ensure your model reflects this. The hair needs to be in top condition and the colour needs to be skilfully applied and be original.” – Marcello MocciaRoom 97

“Excellent technique and precision in delivery is on the top of my priority list.  The men’s image award must match the trending articulation of how men like to be seen.” – Sheriff Mehmet, Envy Barbers

“Before you plan your Colour Trophy look, put together a mood board showing the direction you want your look to go in. The hair is obviously important but so are the model, make-up and styling.”– Yesmin O’Brien, Sean Hanna

 “Be original, don’t try to be like anyone else. A great model always helps, go hunting outside high street stores like Zara or Topshop.” – Jack Howard, Paul Edmonds

“Regardless of your chosen colour, shape and application technique, it's absolutely imperative that the hair is in superb condition. Shine, gloss and health are the key elements in any winning look.”  – Mark Creed, Idlewild Hair

“Create an visually interesting story with hair. Utilise all elements to the best of your ability; photography, models and your creative skills with hair.” – Chris Foster

“We are always looking for a look that is unique, different and has the ability to stand alone as a winning head” – Jamie & Sally Brooks, Brooks and Brooks

“Incredible colour doesn't happen overnight so work with your model early to layer your techniques and products over the coming weeks and don't forget the use of products such as chromatics to layer over the top of your colour to achieve a flawless finish and result.” - Siobhan Jones, Headmasters

“Research catwalk shows and trends for the upcoming seasons. Practice, Practice, Practice” - Charlotte Mensah

"Thorough research of current and future trends is essential. Follow your natural instinct to create an image that is cutting edge and fresh.” – Charles Worthington MBE

“I'm looking for an entry that encapsulates the brief and also reflects the Mizani brand.” – Junior Green

“Finding the right model is key. Professional models are great but if you don't use a professional model find someone who is confident and can take direction.” – Michelle Thompson, Francesco Group

“As a judge I will be looking for someone who is fashion forward thinking I want to see hair that has a beautiful finish and shine. The colour has to be exquisite and technically perfect.” – Paul Hession

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